9 Study Hacks You Need To Know To Ace Your Exams

Whether you are in college or in high school, the thought of cracking those books open and studying is enough to send chills down spines. Studying doesn’t have to be this way, though.

A number of methods exist to help students study – but not all work for everyone. Though there is one method that sticks for everyone: hard work.

Good old-fashioned hard work cannot be substituted. But what to do when you are short of time and energy?

These study hacks will increase productivity, improve efficiency and concentration, and help you burn the midnight oil better.

  1. Chewing gum

You may or may not have heard about this hack, but chewing gum actually works. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. According to this study by a team of psychologists, chewing gum increased mental performances of students. Although the sugar content had no effect; you don’t have to worry about those extra calories either.

Since chewing gum has no side effects and everyone likes a good gum, we think there’s no harm in giving this hack a try.

  1. Eat properly

During those long study hours, it is easy to forget to eat. Many students skip their meals or entirely forget about them. Others snack on junk food to satiate their hunger.

This is all wrong. You need to be vigilant about your meals; after all, the food is your fuel! If you wouldn’t put low quality fuel in your car, why would you want to do it to your body? Eat good, healthy food so that when you study, the body has a full energy bar.

You’ll feel the difference yourself!

  1. Cut out those distractions

Whether it is the ping! of a notification or your messy closet, a distraction is a distraction. All too often, when students finally crack their books open, even the most hateful chores start to look interesting and important.

Getting distracted is a human trait. Even the most stellar students can find their attention caught by a simple wall. You don’t have to be too hard on yourself if you find yourself distracted.

Instead, you need to work on removing the distraction itself. Switch off your smartphone, lock it away and give yourself a small pep talk that you will not get distracted. See how that works!

  1. Rewrite your notes

The notes you take in class during lecture, chances are they were taken in haste and are barely legible. Many students find copying those notes neatly in another journal very helpful. If you think about it, it makes sense too.

Rewriting the lecture will not only refresh it in your memory, it will also help you fill any gaps. Before you know it, you will have learned the lecture inside out!

The next time you open the journal to prepare for a test, your notes will be neat, tidy, legible, and in one place.

Many students swear by this practice. What about you?

  1. Find a tutor app

Tutor apps can be a lifesaver for students and a great resource for teachers to help students learn. Teachers sign up for a smart tutor app, and students when in need can look up for teachers and select one to teach them. So if your high school or college professor isn’t teaching well, no need to worry. You or your grades and GPA need not suffer. Just download the app today and find yourself the most qualified teacher to help you.

If at any point you feel the teacher isn’t working for you, switch to another!

  1. Teach, teach, and teach (to anyone willing to listen)

Did this hack surprise you? The logic behind it is simple, really. If you know you need to teach someone, you will learn better and actually be able to recall more.

In this study, two groups of students were told to prepare. One was led to believe they would be tested and the other was led to believe they would have to teach.

Guess who performed better?

Gather your kid siblings, friends, peers, parents, and childhood soft toys – anyone willing to listen to you and teach them what you have just learned.

  1. White noise to the rescue

You can’t always have pin drop silence at home. What to do in situations when your kid brother won’t stop bawling or the thump, thump from the dorm room next door won’t stop?

White noise can be very helpful in masking distracting sounds so that you can study in peace. Studies have found out that listening to white noise can help enhance recognition memory. Not only this, it can also improve memory in youngsters with ADD.

Lookup some white noise, pop those earplugs in and get studying.

  1. Stay hydrated

We know athletes must stay hydrated to perform at their best. But your brain is working hard too when you study. Since water makes up about 80% of the brain, staying dehydrated can have severe consequences on learning abilities.

You need to keep drinking water to let the brain work at its optimum efficiency. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times if you are forgetful and stay hydrated

If you find it difficult to drink those 12 glasses in the form of plain old water, you could make flavored water with fruit slices.

  1. Sleep on time

An exhausted, overworked brain is of no use to anybody. Your brain needs its sleep to absorb and store the things it has learned during the day.

Set a sleep schedule and stick to it. Put your phone away to avoid using it late at night. A full night’s sleep can be really helpful in clearing your head and prepping you for another day’s study grind.

Are you ready to ace those exams?