App Marketing Strategies To Change The Spectrum Of Businesses

Mobile apps mark as a new revolution in technology have transformed the way we live today. Be it fitness, study, games or sketching, there’s an app for it on the app store. The history of mobile apps dates back to the late 90s when the first mobile phone hit the market. Only wealthy individuals of the time owned those phones. It was a new experience for customers to be able to download required apps right from the play store to their mobile phone.

Mobile marketers of the time witnessed an influx of apps as the trend of mobile phones started to become widespread. Naturally, as more apps hit the app store, the need to get proper visibility and exposure became even more important. This is when mobile marketers started developing mobile app marketing campaigns as a critical factor for the app success.


App Strategies For The Post-Smartphone World

When the first Apple iPhone was introduced, a sudden opening in the world of new advertising networks was witnessed. Early birds in the mobile app marketing concluded that increasing downloads using these networks will improve the app visibility and increase the short-term download volume. This practice, is, of course, prohibited by Google and Apple and stays ineffective at large now.

The ad networks become more sophisticated as time evolved and became more performance oriented. Developers no longer had to buy impressions and were able to pay a fixed rate per each download. With a plethora of different install networks, the industry has definitely evolved way beyond the conventional pay per download mechanism.


Evolved Mobile Market

Ever since 2007, the mobile marketplace has matured very quickly, and a great number of new marketing techniques come to the forefront every now and then. The first thing that must be noted about this newly evolved mobile marketplace is that traditional marketing channels play a crucial part in the success of all top-chart apps.

Majority of the apps are now being marketed harnessing the power of digital media by performing social media marketing, search engine optimization, app store optimization, and content marketing to create buzz about the app. While these mediums play an important role, the results of these mediums cannot be measured using the pay per download model. The type of medium that the app marketer now chooses to market their app depends upon the nature of the target audience and the requirement.

Adopt strategies that work in conjunction with your business objectives

As a matter of fact, an excellent app is a pre-requisite behind a successful app. You must explore the areas of gap in the industry you want to serve and build an app that solves the issue. The next step involves marketing the app across a wide range of channels which can help push the user acquisition (UA) rate for your app to heights. The marketing tools you deploy will allow you to make your app recognizable and increase downloads in a way that your app revenue increases.

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