No matter how much time or energy you have vested in the creation of the driver delivery app, everything boils down to the number of downloads & exposure. If your app onboarding flow is lazy, there’s no power that can save you from demise. Since the on-demand delivery industry has become very competitive, people must fall in love with your app to download it and retain it.

How can you ensure that? By doing on-point app marketing! App marketing will help you make your target audience aware of what you offer and enable you to present your USP in a way that your idea sells. As an app marketer, you must have an onboarding strategy for the driver delivery app in place to rise above the competition and make the most of your market share. Let’s look at 5 hacks to increase the app’s exposure and user acquisition rate:

  1. Create an Impressive Welcome Screen

The welcome screen is the first medium of communication with the customer. Your welcome screen must deliver your brand’s value proposition using as fewer words as possible. Even if the nature of your app is complex, avoid stacking the welcome screen with too much text. Key idea is to keep the screen crisp, fresh and engaging.

  1. Encourage Push Notifications

Push notifications are bothersome and annoying. Customers need a very good reason to allow you to invade in their lives. Making your push notifications optional can allow users to opt out when they wish. It is very useful for better engagement and retention.

  1. Secure Location Access

You are required to subtly ask first-time users to allow geolocation sharing by explaining how they can benefit from the feature in the long-run. Effectively communicated value brings about exceeded trust. The data gathered can be used to target users in the real-time with completely customized engagement strategies.

  1. Make the Sign-Up Process Easier

Always ensure that the sign-up process is easy, convenient and quick. By offering the app users to sign up using Gmail, Facebook, etc., you can be benefited in two ways. First, you can gather important consumer data to make future strategies. Secondly, you can allow for a quick sign up process by taking the required information from the social networks.

  1. Urge Users To Complete Profiles

Getting the user to download the app is only one part of a never-ending regime. You must encourage app users to complete profiles on the app, either at the moment or sometime later. This will help you capture important data such as user’s delivery address, tastes, cuisines, etc. This also lays the foundation to allow for the creation of user-generated content on the platform.



In this competitive market of today, it is vital that you devise workable strategies for your driver delivery app to make your app noticeable and increase the exposure. Without a proper plan in place, your app will lose a considerable chunk of potential customers.

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