Although not everything can/should be 3d printed, the scope this technology offers to a variety of industries is unparalleled. With each year passing by, 3d printing business is becoming stronger and more capable and can now meet the needs and demands of applications more efficiently. The technology is seen revolutionizing the supply chain industry with its untapped benefits. The basic idea is to simplify the supply chain process by creating in-house 3d spare parts. Research suggests that a majority of supply chain companies are already leveraging this useful technology to their benefit.

Are you still confused about whether you should invest in this technology to make your supply chain more efficient? Let’s have a look at the overlooked benefits it provides to the supply chain industry:

  1. 3d prints help you avoid the potential negatives of outsourcing

For decades, businesses have outsourced to external companies using conventional manufacturing processes. Because of the increased cost attached to that, this isn’t the best choice for manufacturing firms. When you deploy 3d printing, it allows a wholesome manufacturing process. 3D printing becomes useful in the areas of low-demand and slow-moving products.

  1. Exceeded savings

It’s uncommon to mention the huge amount of money that is saved as a result of deploying online 3d printing. The same applies to the supply chain process. Below mentioned are 5 ways how 3d printing can help you increase the ROI.

  • It helps you save the transportation costs if you still run a business of producing and shipping spare part from abroad.
  • The technology helps you save on the storage and warehousing costs by 17%. And the extra time saved because you don’t have to check and manage the inventory.
  • Since 3d printed parts can be made on demand, it helps you save a considerable amount of money in terms of production costs.
  • 3d printed tends to create parts layer by layer and places filament only where it is needed. This implies to lessened wastage alongside carrying out environmentally friendly operations.
  1. Makes the entire supply chain responsive

As opposed to traditional supply chain processes, 3d printing reduces the lead times significantly by reducing the manufacturing duration and cutting transportation costs short. Majority of the printed parts are created in as less as a few hours. When processes are efficient, the entire supply chain becomes smooth.

  1. Unique product performance

3d printing allows manufacturing firms to create small batches of products and allows exceeded geometric freedom. The designs can be refined in an efficient way with efficient geometries to create generative design via 3d printing. Multiple parts can also be combined into one stronger part.


Technology that offers exceeded easy and functionality always overtake the conventional ones. It comes off as no surprise that a countless number of supply chain companies will be seen leveraging the tool of 3d printing to make their processes smoother. Like in other industries, 3d printing offers a wide variety of benefits to the supply chain industry that cannot be overlooked.

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