How To Get The Best Out Of Dating Apps?

Dating apps are the most ‘It’ thing these days. I mean every single and attractive person is on one or another dating app for relationships. These apps are extremely popular, 15% of American adults have used online dating sites or mobile dating apps. These adult dating apps are using clever marketing campaigns to tap into customer demand and there is nothing like conventional content marketing to grab the attention of the users.

The top dating apps unquestionably have tremendous appeal, and this might be the reason why you have more than one app installed on your phone. There are too many fish in the sea, undoubtedly. Similarly, you might have a lot of matches on your profile laying around that you haven’t made a move on yet, simply because there are just too much choices that mature dating apps have to offer.

It’s common that you have numerous untouched matches sitting in your app, and this maybe one of the mistakes that you’re making while trying to make best of your experience on mutual dating apps. There may possibly be other things that you are doing wrong on dating apps that are keeping you away from finding your one true soulmate. But fret not, this guide is here to help you identify faults, fix them and then quickly swoop away all the attention you can get.

  1. Writing a bio? Be creative and original

Bio is very important if you want maximum matches from a dating app. A great bio doesn’t have to be extra, you just need to be brief, to-the-point and creative. Write about your interesting job or a quirky one-liner. Write about anything which you think will get you the maximum number of matches.  Some people think that it is mysterious and enigmatic to not write a bio. That is your number one mistake. People need to know something about you, a profile with no bio on mature dating app doesn’t look mysterious, it just looks shady and boring quite frankly. So, put your language skills to a test and write an imaginative description of yourself in that bio box.



  1. Don’t describe your physical features in the bio or description box

Physical appearance is important in dating apps but that is what pictures are for. You don’t have to mention your height or eye color in the bio because honestly, it seems shallow. This just gives an impression that you think people will only like you for what you look like or how tall you are instead of judging you by other more significant factors such as personality. Your appearance is not the only thing you have to offer, write something meaningful about yourself. The photos are enough to give an outlook to an audience about your good looks.


  1. Don’t go wrong by pictures

So, here is the most elaborative part of using dating apps. Your pictures are the most important factor in determining whether you’re a match or not. To make sure that your photo game is strong, obey the following tips:

  • Ensure that the first photo is of your face. People are interested in what you look like, when your profile is suggested on a mobile dating app. Add a nice picture, if you are going to choose something pixelated or blurry or you’re too far away in the picture, just don’t bother. No one wants to look at a vague profile. Put a front view picture of your face with a wholesome smile. Simplicity is the key.

  • Make sure that one of the pictures on your dating app profile is a full-body photo. People on mature dating apps can be presumptuous at times, hence it is better to be upfront about what you look like. Even though people can be shallow about judging people on physical appearance, being honest and transparent about yourself might be the most decent way.

  • Avoid too many pictures with other people or group photos. People already know that you have friends, you don’t need to add a proof of that. Besides, people are interested in ‘You’ and not your friend circle. Some individuals also even go as far as putting up no single pictures of themselves and only group pictures on mobile dating apps. That makes even harder for people to recognize which one is the person in the profile. You will receive extremely few matches or just be mistaken for someone else. People get it, you’re social and one picture is enough proof. If you’re putting up pictures with other people, avoid putting up pictures with gender you’re interested in. It is just a nerve-racking for other people on dating apps and they might not want to approach. Conclusively, just add few pictures of yourself doing different activities and dodge the group option.

  • Top dating apps permit you to upload handful of pictures but that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and upload to full capacity. The maximum number of pictures you should put up of yourself shouldn’t be more than five. People have the tendency of nitpicking so, give them less to pick out flaws from. The few pictures that you do upload of yourself should be interesting. Let the people know you’re more than just a nice face. Add artistic and creative pictures of you while you’re indulged in an activity such as playing tennis, on an amusement park ride, etc. This means that there is a fun side to your personality.

  • And on the last note, start with appealing conversation starters. A quote, joke or something comical related to another person’s bio or picture is so much better than a simple ‘Hey’ or ‘Hi’. Once you are talking to the person, keep the momentum going. Don’t take ages in setting up a date or meetup. It doesn’t take long for people on dating apps to move onto other people as they are simultaneously talking to other matches as well. Once you’re out there, then it’s all up to you.

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