The Secret behind All Natural Chocolate Diamonds®

All natural colored diamonds are more universally known as colored diamonds. They are unusual to be found in nature (which explains the high demand for their purchase) and support beautiful brown hues in many saturations. The name Chocolate Diamond® is a sweet indicator of its signature pigment but this is also part of its actual trademarked terminology. Only by passing a strict criteria can a common brown diamond reach the status of ‘chocolate’.


Ever since its introduction, the Chocolate Diamond® has endured extreme inspection. From its authenticity to clarity and color, all have been questioned by the public and experts alike. There are some truths as well as lies to reports made about these jewels, especially regarding the all-natural ones.


A Huge Difference in Functionality
People tend to confuse Chocolate Diamonds® with ordinary brown diamonds. This grouping appears to be a bit unfair due to the mass difference between the two and their usage. Regular brown diamonds are used for construction and are rarely chosen to make intricate jewelry pieces. On the other hand, Chocolate Diamonds® are specifically curated to rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and timepieces for adornment and collection. The latter is due to their quality and striking color in comparison with their counterparts.


Synthetic vs. All Natural
Brown diamonds can achieve their color from treatments found either in the earth’s surface or accomplished in a laboratory by scientists. The Chocolate Diamond® category only includes those fancy colored stones that have not undergone any artificial treatments. Irradiation and high-pressure high-temperature treatments are two methodologies that change the color of diamonds. Any brown diamond that undertakes these changes will not be termed as a Chocolate Diamond® because by definition they are “all natural”.


Difference in Price

Low clarity and poorly colored brown diamonds exist in nature in abundance. However, they are seldom used to make any kind of jewelry. All natural Chocolate Diamonds® are a select collection that not only have high clarity and excellent color range, but are rarer than colorless diamonds as well. The value of a Chocolate Diamonds® dims the price of any sort of brown diamonds bought in bulk. This unfair grouping of the two does not come from authenticated sources and should not be believed.


Health Concerns
Treated brown diamonds have raised some serious health concerns over the years. Since these gemstones are exposed to irradiation they are likely to become radioactive themselves. If by chance their impurities become active, this could harm anyone wearing them as jewelry. The treatment used nowadays is way more advanced than its initial conception but that does not mean it is one hundred percent safe. There are still many strict guidelines set out by state laws to ensure that any treated diamonds are not radioactive. It is due to this that Chocolate Diamonds® are favored. Besides their excellent quality, they are natural and organic stones mined from the earth. There are no health concerns attributed to them, big or small, and they can be worn as soon as you procure them.

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