Your Ultimate Chocolate Diamonds Buying Guide

The demand and likeness of chocolate diamonds has increased significantly for the past few years. Instead of paying large sums of money for colorless diamonds, people are now opting for brown colored diamonds, commonly known as chocolate diamonds. The term was coined by Le Vian corporation as marketing slogan given to their brown diamonds to set them apart. As a matter of fact, Le Vian’s chocolate diamonds are beyond imagination in quality, delicateness and design. While majority of the diamonds are still expensive, brown diamonds are available in an affordable price.

When the concept was first introduced by Le Vian in the year 2000, the world was skeptical whether this color and difference will be accepted by the public. On the contrary, people love the deep chocolaty brown shade and the stunning cuts and designs.

What exactly are chocolate diamonds?

Chocolate diamonds are, in real, brown diamonds found all across the globe. The term “chocolate diamonds” was given by Le Vian to distinguish the color of their diamond and brand their diamonds. Brown diamonds possess a chocolate brown color. Le Vian extracts their diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia.

Although rare, chocolate diamonds are not very expensive, hence the exceeded popularity. But brown diamonds are diamonds too and making the wrong purchase may cost you a lot. Following are the things to ensure that you are getting a certified and original chocolate diamond piece.

Things to look for when you buy chocolate diamonds

  • The most important part of getting a beautiful diamond is to check if the color of the chocolate diamond is up to the mark. This color is responsible behind the cut and carats in many cases.
  • Ensure that the cut is fine, and the polish is done perfectly. Cuts can define the quality of diamond therefore, it is important to see that the diamond has a beautiful cut.
  • Ensure that you get your hands on a GIA certificate when you purchase a diamond. This is imperative to get to ensure you are getting a real diamond. The GIA certificate will specify every important attribute of the diamond i.e. the exact weight of the diamond, clarity, cut, etc.

It is advised to keep these important things in mind to avoid getting a lemon. Check these aspects before you purchase chocolate diamonds. A wrong decision may end up in a large cost being incurred.

Chocolate diamond jewelry perfect for your occasion

At Le Vian corporation, every kind of chocolate diamond jewelry is available. The designs are very different and catches the eyes of the buyer immediately. Le Vian ensures that only highest quality chocolate diamonds are used in the jewelry pieces. Like every other big diamond seller, Le Vian ensures that the diamond is finely cut and polished to the liking of the customer. If you are looking for a magnificent chocolate diamond jewelry to suit your occasion perfectly, visit the Le Vian store today and get amazed by the bespoke designs.